GREEN INDIA - Protect Nature and Protest Pollution

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Dr.Murali krishna Raghava Cine Complex Road Pogathota, Nellore - 524001 08612334289,
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Wednesday, 29 August, 2012 at 03:30 AM
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Sunday, 30 September, 2012 at 03:30 AM

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About This Initiative


Thinks you can do:


SAVE the EARTH or else we will have nowhere to live

  • Stop Thermal & Nuclear investments      
  • Invest more in Wind & solar power.
  • Participate our One Billion tree Plantation campaign
  • Let’s plant more plants for your any occasions.
  • Protest cutting trees
  • Stop burn garbage - there is things to do lot
  • Never encourage to drink in plastic cups.
  • Try to Use more public transport 
  • Protest against Wall Posters /Cinema/others
  • Join with us
  • Don’t allow Burning camphor along with its plastic covering in Temples
  • Distribute our awareness pamphlets and Display our Citizens education films
  • Please don’t use and try to Avoid Plastic items in any of your occasions/gatherings,

     Use only "Eco friendly Items"

  • Don’t Fire in front of shops - use camphor/coconut etc. for Disti  for all reasons
  • Don’t encourage to political/organizations use Flex and Plastic Flags/Badges, "Organize Eco Friendly Manner"
  • Add this list to your blog
  • Activities That Help Reduce Carbon Emission :      -Plant a Tree,           -Bicycling short distances, -Talking public transport, -Using natural light during the day,   - Walking when possible

Using CFL bulbs for lighting,         - Reducing the use of electricity when and where.

  • Activities that increase carbon emissions :   -Using more disposal items,   - Using personal vehicles to get around, -Burning waste    Cutting Trees,    -Letting electric devices like computers and music systems be on or 'standby' mode when not required




  • Protect nature and protest pollution
  • Billion Tree Plantation - BTP
  • Protest cutting trees
  • Advice shops, not to use Plastic Price Tags
  • Protest Burning camphor along with its plastic covering
  • Advice shops not fire in front of shops at the time of closing
  • Stop using plastic bags/ cups
  • Avoid plastic flags in political campaign
  • Pledge to Authority for Foot path faculty
  • Pledge to Authority for Under ground drain
  • BORDERING WHOLE INDIA - Since 17th Sep-2011 we started Forest development at Coastal area, this is On going Process.
  • Pledge to Authority for more in passenger Train Transport facility, 
  • Pledge to Authority for city bus transport using Solar, and electric energy.
  • Stop Wall Posters of Cinema and others
  • Advice to Citizens to use of Solar and wind energy.



SAVE the EARTH or else we will have nowhere to live

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